My Family Characteristics

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I have always been told that my family is of German and Swedish descent. I have never questioned this because there are many characteristics of my family that prove this statement true. Physical characteristics are one obvious way to see who my descendents are. If physical characteristics is not enough proof there are also other ways like looking at my family 's last name and my mom 's maiden name, both big give aways.
According to “House of”, my last name “Ausmus” in Greek translation is “erasmos” meaning “loved”. It also states that the last name “Ausmus” comes from Germany. My mother 's maiden name is “Hainline” which is also from Germany. This reaffirms to me what my parents have always told me which is that we are of German descent. Some common traits of Germans are that they are disciplined, hard- working and well- organized. All of those characteristics greatly apply to my family especially hard-
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She is one of the most selfless people I know, always trying to help others and devoting all her time to me and my sisters. We owe a lot to her. She has made our childhoods the best it could be, just like I’m sure her mom did for her when she was a kid. One thing that 's very similar between my mom and her mom (my grandma) is that they are always in the kitchen, cooking food for the family. This is one thing my mom says she would always find her mom doing after school. My mom and her sisters would walk into the house every day to their mom cooking supper. Although, unlike us, my mom 's family is not from around here. She grew up in Catlin, Illinois about an hour away. Her dad worked at the community college and her mom was a substitute teacher. My mom 's childhood was like most other kids including my own. She lived more in town, attended school and had two parents with stable jobs. After high school, she went on to the community college where her dad worked and then U of I where she met my

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