My Family At The United States Six Years Ago Essay

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My family moved to the United States six years ago. Before that, we were living in China. The distinct cultural differences in these two countries bring me a whole new set of experiences and challenges. These changes have made me a better, more organized, and more responsible person.

I was born in 1995, in a small city, Foshan, China. My family is a big family comparing to current Chinese family size standard.

Including me, there are five members in my family: an elder sister, an elder brother, and my parents. Since I am the youngest, everyone in the family dotes on me.

I was raised in a typical south China environment. My parents have only high school diploma. Since they do not have a high educational level, they have to work much harder in order to improve our living standard.

My parents never appear in my childhood memory. Since I was born, my parents started their own company and worked continuously day and night. My siblings and I were taking care by my grandparents until I was eight.

Therefore, my grandparents’ personality largely shapes my character.

My grandparents had strict requirements on time management. We never allow to go to bed later than ten o’clock and wake up later than seven in order to be on time for school.

Before we can go out to play, we have to finish our homework first and no late homework allowed. This regulation helps me to shape a good habit on time management in my later life.

Underneath their severe manner, they are very…

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