My Family And The Airplane Ticket Essay

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For my family the airplane ticket was our meal ticket for a better life which we were gladly to take it because not many people have that kind of opportunity. The night when we departed to the foreign land where my new life lied was the hardest choice we had to make because it means leaving everyone behind. Airplane rides are uncomfortable if you have sit in a chair for 2 days. America has so much advancement then in India I was awed by everything but after living in America it just becomes a custom to you.
April 23 2004 was the day my family departed to a foreign land, America. I can still remember my grandma’s tears trailing down her cheeks as she said goodbye to each one of us crying because she won’t be able to see any one of us anymore. Boarding our very first flight was a little hard to take because we weren’t accustomed to boarding a plane and plus we found out my little sister had a hard time getting used to the airplane because her face was like a sickly green color and we knew she wouldn 't be okay traveling the flight because it hit her weak spot. My little sister has always been the healthy one in our family so it was really sad to see my sister so pale and out it.
On the airplane, a lot of things were going through my young mind. As I was pondering, I evoked all the fun times I had with my family and friends and it 's all going to be just a memory to remember. Now I was moving almost 9000 miles away to a place I have to call home. As my family and I flew away…

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