My Family And New Education System Essay

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Do you ever want to leave your home? I grew up in Somalia with my both parents and four of my siblings. Somalia wasn 't a safe place but It was the place I called home. I still wanted to live there. I wanted to live there for rest of my life , and I even had unforgettable memories of friends who I never wanted to leave. I never pictured myself going to school in another country. I was 15 years old when my parents decided to move to America.I wasn 't happy about the decision. I was happy to stay the place I grew up and my friends, so I refused to go with my parents.I told them I would stay here with my uncle. I can 't deal with a new friends and new education system.
After months later my parents brought up the idea of moving again. My mother came to my room while playing games with my friend. She grabbed my hand, I asked her “What is wrong mother?” She couldn’t talk to me. I was scared and asked her again “Mom is there something you want me to know” I could see tears rolling in her eyes and all I could do was hug her, in very low voice she said “I don 't want to leave you behind I want you to go with me,and I promise you will be happy in your entire life”. She told me you will get better education and better life and this place isn 't safe place for you to stay. Which was actually true,there were people fighting over religion, I didn 't know what to say to my mother but I decided to go with her.
As we continued our journey we got to the America that my mother used talk…

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