My Family And My Father Essay

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I was born October 11,1985 at Fremont Area Medical Center in Fremont, Nebraska. My mother, Crystal and father, Mark were united in marriage December 1985. My family relocated to Gillette, Wyoming when I was 1 year of age. When I was two years old my parents divorced for reasons unknown to this day. My father had then moved back to Nebraska. Mark had met a lady named Alice and remarried in March 1988. She has a son named Tim and he is 10 years old at this time. I had thought this was one of the greatest things that had ever happened to me, because I had wanted a brother or sister. My mother had also remarried during this time to a guy named Jim. I had attended preschool prior to another relocation.
We moved to Kansas. I still continued to bother mom for a brother or sister. When I was in fourth grade my wish had finally came true, but in a sad way. My uncle Kenny had found out he had a daughter named Tiana who was only 3 years old. Her mother did drugs when she was a baby and Tiana was placed in foster care. Tiana was in foster home after foster home prior to my uncle receiving news that he was her biological father. Kenny said that he would take her and drove to Denver, Colorado to pick her up. My mother babysat for him and his wife. They had three other children; Chelsea, Holly, and Brice. My aunt didn 't want Tiana because she wasn 't her biological child. My uncle then brought her over to our house and stated that he could not take care of her any longer. I thought that…

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