My Family And Friends - Original Writing Essay

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It was an ordinary day, it was an ordinary life, it was a fifth grade girl. I walked into Wolf Creek Elementary School with my ponytail held high and my Pumas skipping down the hall. A smile hogged over half of my face. I was so happy. In that moment, I had never experienced a true challenge. I did not know what it was like to be anything but happy; like I said, it was an ordinary life. In this life, my best friends in the whole world were: my twin sister, Noelle; Sophia,and her twin sister; Rachel. We experienced life together, we loved each other. My family and friends were so happy. After my bestfriends and I experienced an exhausting, arduous day of spelling and simple division, Noelle and I went home. At our house our momma had greeted us and our dad was there too. This was different. My dad had been staying with my oma for the past few weeks since she was aging. You could taste the tension and feel the intensity in the room. My mother was about to make a dent in our lives forever. “We 're gettin a divorce.”, she said. Just one simple sentence and my whole world went crashing down.

I understood how that is the common thing for parents in this century, I understood how they weren 't happy, I understood that they still loved me. It was just still so difficult. It was an ineffable heartbreak I suffered from knowing that that was the last moment we had together while being a family. I desired so desperately to go back in time to that very morning; to be happy again. I…

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