Essay on My Family And Family Structure

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When I began this assignment I thought I knew my family, however, that was not the case. I wished I knew more about my family and their origins, but being a military child we moved around a lot and never really had a close connection with our immediate family. I would say my family structure is the typical American nuclear family, where it was just my parents and my siblings growing up. However, this was not always the case within my family. My great grandfather on my fathers’ side came from Ireland. He left Ireland at 10 years old during the Potato War. He was poor, uneducated and alone, but somehow he made it to America settling in Ohio finding work as a hunter and a farmer. I recently found out that during his migration our family last name had changed, because my grandfather was illiterate he had someone else write his name on forms and that is how my families name went from Comins to Cummings. A similar situation with the surname changing is also on my mother’s side. My mother is a second American. Her grandparents left Nazi Germany right before WWII, because of the intense fear of being labeled a trader. When my great grandparents arrived in New York they quickly changed their surname from Huffstetler to Smith to be more American. After leaving New York my grandparents tried to make a living in Ohio and settled there after buying a small farm.
Knowing that my family began their journey to America to escape poverty, oppression and racism, made me feel sad. However, as a…

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