Essay about My Family : A Family

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My family is really small compared to most people families that I know. I only have 2 older siblings, both girls and my parents who has been married for 27 years. Now that we are all older my household only consists of My parents, my middle sister and myself. My extended family is also small. My mother parents passed away when she was 17 so she 's been taking care of her siblings since the tragic loss. Sadly, the only extended family I really have are my mom siblings, the ones that are still alive. So that is my 2 aunts and 2 uncles, and their children which are my cousins. The adults in my home are the ones who are in charge, they take care of everything meaning the bills and making sure food is in the house. They handle everything that needs to be taking care of. But now that my sisters and I are older we are trying to do our best in taking control of things and to help out as much as we can. . Now growing up the children roles were to remain children and only in a children 's place. When things were talked about in rooms that was not for our ears we were told to leave the room. There was no such thing as sitting around and being a part of grown folk’s business, as they would say. Growing up my siblings and I did not go to daycare or anything we were always with our parents. As my sisters and I got older, my eldest sister began to take care of us when our parents were not able to do so.…

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