My Eyes Through Sociology And Gave Me A Better Sociological Perspective On Our World Today

1892 Words Feb 5th, 2016 null Page
For this past week, I was able to take in what I observed and explain it through an ethnographic method. These observations opened my eyes through Sociology and gave me a better sociological perspective on our world today. Before this course, I always had that beginner’s mind in the way I saw society. As I made the effort to get a closer look, I was astonished on the outlook of our world today. This first conversation that I observed, I was not able to see who the two individuals were until I paid close attention in there verbal discussion. The setting took place at my father’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school, on a Tuesday evening. As I was sitting on the bleachers, waiting to watch the junior class before it began, I decided to witness the conversation I overheard going on behind me. I heard the two voices of what sounded like a mother and son, judging by the context of their conversation. When I started listening to their conversation, they were in the middle of it already. The mother was explaining to the boy that she first needed to buy things such as a pair of cleats, a mouth guard, padding, a helmet. Right then and there, I was able to conclude that she was talking about football. After she listed all the gear, the boy asked eagerly when he can have them. The mother then pointed out to her son that he would have to choose between jiu-jitsu and football because she would not allow both. I was able to tell by the boy’s tone of voice, that he seemed disappointed. He…

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