My Experiential Learning Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

1445 Words Dec 11th, 2016 6 Pages
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my experiential learning of interpersonal communication and how its fundamental role is manifested throughout our day-to-day interactions; primarily focusing on professional relationships in the workplace environment. The components supporting this piece include: realization of self-awareness through interpersonal communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, perceptions and barriers, conflict resolution, and the integration and effects of technology on engagement. To confirm my understanding of interpersonal communication, I will use the content of the paper to convey my experiential learning through the lens of various roles I have played in interacting with others in a working environment.
Realization of Self-Awareness through Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication is a multidimensional relational vehicle used to promote shared understanding, build community engagement, problem solve collectively, influence decision making, and develop a realization of self-awareness amongst other variables. It is a fundamental element deeply embedded in the social construct of our existence and is defined as part of the interactive process by which information, feelings and thoughts are exchanged between individuals. This exchange of information is inescapable as we are constantly involved in transmitting and interpreting verbal and non-verbal dialogical cues between each other simultaneously every day. Even in…

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