My Experiences From Elementary School Essay

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Introduction When looking back at my experiences from Elementary School to High School, there are always two people that immediately come to mind. These two people are my parents '. They are the reason for all of my success academically and in my life up to this point. I believe the reason why my parents where such an impact on my educational success is since they were so involved in my school and they want me to be as successful as possible. My parents were not crazy dragon parents, but they have taught me at a very young age to always do my best and nothing less than that is acceptable. Being successful did not mean that I had to get straight A’s in all of my classes it just meant that I had to be working as hard as I could to achieve my very best work. Also, my parents did not think that the classroom was the only place that I could learn. This is why I was involved in sports and other activities, but all of these activities were by my choice. I was never forced to play a sport or play an instrument. The only rule when It came to my involvement in other actives was that I could not quit in the middle I had to finish out the season or the year. My parents were involved in different ways during different parts of my education, but they always were there as a support system.
Elementary Years During my elementary years of school my parents were extremely involved and built the foundation of my work ethic. Like most parents, my parents were very nervous and anxious about…

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