Essay on My Experience With Writing And Writing

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Even though I have had many lifelong experiences that affect the way I read and write today, I have a few that stand out more than others. Certain experiences such as the task of writing my own essay and writing my own memoirs have developed the person I am today. An individual who enjoys writing exactly what they mean and can speak passionately about something in which they have an interest in. My intricate experience with writing not only makes me a better author, but also lets me express my identity more by giving me an outlet for my thoughts. When I first started writing, I was always uneasy whenever I got a writing assignment. My apprehension was caused by always finding myself glaring at a piece of paper, having no idea what I was going to write. By completing more writing assignments, I started writing more fluently and with little to no trepidation at all.
Although my exposure to reading and writing was limited in elementary and middle school; in high school, the books I read and the essays I wrote have been enormously influential on my life today. For example, before I read The Raisin in the Sun I had little proficiency and no hands on experience with the oppression African- Americans faced in the 1950’s. After reading and analyzing The Raisin in the Sun by writing an essay, I learned about this sensitive topic first hand from the Younger Family. Without reading a book written in the perspective of the African-Americans, showing the atrocities segregationists have…

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