My Experience With The Santa Clara County Probation Department

1849 Words Dec 10th, 2016 8 Pages
This fall for my 2016 Internship, I had the opportunity to work with the Santa Clara County Probation Department. This opportunity was a pleasant surprise, because my career goal is to be a Probation Officer someday. Therefore, when I got the news of my acceptance, I was beyond excited. Upon the first day of training, I received the news that I was being placed in the Adult Probation Department. Furthermore, that I was being positioned under the Domestic Violence Unit. Gaining this internship has given me perspective to the risks and rewards a career in law enforcement encounters. I will describe my internship experience by giving an informative description of my many tasks, how working in the field compares to what I’ve learned in classes, and my personal thoughts about the experience. The role of the probation is to reduce crime and protect the community, through prevention, investigation, and supervision services. In addition, they develop, implement, and evaluate programs, that aid in reducing recidivism. In my experience with the Santa Clara County Probation Department, I acknowledged that Probation Officers are the key players in the federal criminal justice process at both the pre-trial and post-conviction stages. They play an important role in our justice system and aid in rehabilitation of offenders. Throughout my time with the adult probation department, I discovered the challenges that officers face, along with the importance of their role in our…

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