My Experience With The English Language Essay

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According to Whitney Ogden in 2006, when more than half of the roughly 1,450 students in the mostly Native American district were in the ELL program – what he called a “very rare occurrence (2014).Native American students most importantly the Navajo students are in a crisis where language shift has happened. Started from fluent to limited language and now non-speakers of the Navajo language. Coming from a home of non-speakers in either Navajo or English hinders the child’s academic language. The child ends not successful in any of the content areas. The result is Native American students will not pass content subjects or continue on beyond high school. As a preservice student I agree with SEI because it deals with the mechanics of English, teaching at grade level, grouping students, and implementing the SEI strategy.
First Kevin Clark states, placing ELLs in regular classrooms feature minimal instruction in the actual mechanics of English (p. 42, 2009). My experience with the English language has been tough because of the type of schooling I received. Including the language my parents communicated with me at home. I remember my English class as a freshman at Many Farms High School my instructor was teaching the English language using crossword puzzles. I was confused because how do I learn to communicate and write the English language with filling in boxes. Majority of the questions say who was the famous actor that showed in…etc. I absolutely did not learn how to write, or…

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