My Experience With The English Language Essay

1531 Words Dec 15th, 2016 7 Pages
All my years since I got here to America I have struggled with the English language. It 's been now thirteen years. I got to the United States already being bilingual but, in Spanish and French. Being here meant I had to add another language to my vocabulary. However, something terrible happened, once I learned English, it was as if French was never a language I spoke fluently. I completely forgot how to speak French and English became my second language. Throughout high school, I started to notice how difficult it was for me to write. English isn’t an easy language. I found it hard to get write what I was thinking. I didn’t know how to word phrases the way I heard them in my head or how I thought I should say them. I tried different ways to help me overcome my issues. I got some extra help and went to tutoring hours with my teacher in school. I started to improve little by little. Even with all the tutoring, I had help from someone really close to me. My mother has always help me revise my essay or help me get a point across that I just can 't word. The reason she has been helping me is because not only does she know me well and knows how i speak but also because she has her masters in journalism. One of the things she taught me to do is to first write in Spanish what I want to say. For me, it 's easier this way because Spanish is my first language and I can better express myself in that tongue. After writing in Spanish, I use Google translate to see what it says in…

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