My Experience With The Cafeteria At 4040 Essay

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I tried to redirect my behaviour and while it often times did not completely stop my craving for coffee it did help a little, since I tried to redirect my attention to something else.
As it turned out I had at least another two environmental stimuli. One of them was Starbucks, while the other were my classes at 4040. I realised that when I went somewhere, like to go shopping at Tysons Corner, I had made it a habit to get some Starbucks coffee, when one was nearby. So when I did things on the weekends and a Starbucks was nearby, only the sight of it would remind me of coffee and invoke a craving for coffee. The cafeteria at 4040 was a similar situation. This semester I have many evening classes at 4040, and in order to not be late for my classes I take the shuttle that runs 30 minutes before class. This, however, means that I arrive at 4040 with at least 15 minutes to spare before class. Before I started this project I would use this time to go to the cafeteria at 4040 and get a cup of coffee before class. After I started this project I was not allowed to do so anymore. However the thought of having that extra time and going to my evening classes again invoked my craving for coffee. What I ended up doing was buying some other drinks at the cafeteria to both do something during the time before class, but also to have a substitute for coffee that I could drink during class.
A factor that might have influenced my ability to withstand the craving for coffee , might have been…

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