My Experience With The 2016 Fall Semester Essay

1243 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
With the 2016 fall semester coming to a close for IPFW I have been studiously viewing my completed portfolio in search for identifying my voice that I had created within our class together. After examining my work throughout this course I came to realize that my voice and writing has had a drastic change to my previous writings. Before taking Creative Writing I had worked on many other papers and had taken a separate course similar to this; however, the papers written in those classes didn’t compare to what I had previously written. Looking at my drafts now I can see that I have been able to open up to having a more connective impact on readers then my previous works. This sense of writing was being done through my writing in the discovery of creative nonfiction. As we had discussed in our mid-term one-on-one meeting the topic of creating non-fiction pieces from our writing prompts came about. When our first workshops began to go underway I expected everyone to be writing about “werewolves and vampires”. Yet to my surprise some students started to bring out more realistic pieces to be reviewed. This threw me off at first, but then the ideas in me began to spark. In viewing this I felt that my writing could benefit from experiencing these elements of realism. To draft my pieces with a sense of realism not only gave those pieces an element of comparison and relatability, but also opened the doors of creativity to expand far beyond what I had originally known. This phenomenon…

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