My Experience With My Mother Essay

1100 Words Feb 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Growing up, I have always wanted to dedicate myself to doing something special in life. I was born in a village in Mexico where public health and education were very limited. I recall, one day, accompanying my mother to a ladies house where there was a sick child. My mother was one of the women in the village who would take care of the sick; she learned everything she knew from my grandmother. When we got there, I saw my mother prepare some medicine and giving it to the ill child. On our way back, I felt a sense of relief and confidence that the child was going to get better. My mother along with similar experiences have influenced me to learn more about public health and disease control and prevention. I enjoy helping low income minorities and I believe that going into a profession in dietetics is the perfect way for me to continue doing so.
Experiences that have helped prepare me for a career in dietetics include community work and research experiences. While studying abroad, I volunteered at a center that offered services for the disabled. I assisted the nurses with patient care, feedings, daily exercises and workshops. This experience filled me with much satisfaction and determination to continue helping people in need. I have also been involved in community-based research projects. The most recent project was the performance of four plate waste studies in two Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley. Community partners along with graduate and undergraduate student…

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