Essay about My Experience With My Mother

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When I awake in the morning, we are tangled in each other’s arms, our bodies pressed together. The sunlight sneaks through the cracks in the blinds, falling softly on his face. I shift away from him a little, to get a better angle at his face. He is even more incredibly handsome when he’s relaxed. His eyes flicker open, and he gives me a sleepy smile before sitting up and leaning over to kiss me. I’m a little surprised by the affection, but enjoy it all the same. I notice his actions are not as confident as I am used to seeing; he is likely still unsure about where we stand, as am I, and I bet he is also not accustomed to displaying affection.
“Good morning, did you sleep alright?” I nod.
“Yes, much better than usual, actually. What time it is? We should probably visit with my mother for a while, and I have some things I need to work on with my bank.” As much as I would prefer to stay in bed all day with him, I drag myself to the bathroom and prepare for the day.
After asking wandering the halls for a while and asking a few servants I passed by if they saw Hans, I find him in the informal dining area, working on his laptop and sipping a cup of coffee. I sit across from him.
“Hey, next time tell me where you’re going, alright? It took me way too long to find you,” I tease.
“Oh, sorry, slipped my mind. It’s quite an adjustment to go from my house to this. Before we couldn’t hide from each other if we wanted to, and now we could easily accidently lose each other.…

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