My Experience With My Mentor And My Lab Mates Essay examples

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(In my lab) Sometimes it is hard to explain my idea because I studied math using only Japanese in school. Although I tried to learn English math words before coming to the U.S, explaining complicated things in a foreign language is not easy. However, I was relieved that minor English mistakes are not problems because my mentor listens to me patiently. Once I come back to Japan, I would like to continue to study more so that I will be able to explain my idea using math words smoothly. On the contrary, I do not have a lot of problems to listen to my mentor and my lab mates. Whenever I am discussing with my mentor, I always make sure that I understand what he means first. He usually talks very fast, but he is willing to explain in detail when I do not understand or I do not know about certain things. (In my daily life) The hotel clerks are very friendly and it 's always nice to say hi to them. However, it 's very difficult to understand each other over the phone.One day, I asked them to pick me up at Kirby Starbucks, but apparently, they thought I was at a different Starbucks. Eventually, I went home by Uber. Speaking of Uber, whenever the drivers of Uber call me and try to tell me their locations over the phone, it 's hard to understand too. When I had to go back home from the baseball stadium (Minute Maid Park) alone, the driver told me to come in front of a shop. But I had no idea where it was. Apparently, he did not understand what I said either. So I walked…

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