My Experience With My Learning Essay

840 Words Sep 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Learning experiences can make you change a certain way, adapt to something, or become stable depending on varies of people. Thinking about how things are now, my learning cheese has changed dramatically in and outside of school. From when I was still in elementary school learning my alphabets, to middle school where I my first experience with different class periods, to high school where I learned how to adapt to school work along with friends, and to becoming a first year Spartan. These experiences affected my life in a tremendous way, and it caused me to adapt to things I once never wanted to. Sometimes change can be great for a person, but it’s up to the person to let that change happen. Kind of like how I let that change, change me as a person. It’s something that I’d like to call: learning my learning cheese. At the beginning of my learning career, I felt like I did everything right. Everything was easy, there wasn’t any pressure between me and my assignments and I felt as if I finished everything before the due date. I was always ahead of things and I liked it being that way. I started out as Sniff who always made changes early if needed to. I remember volunteering to go first for presentations and class projects. I always seemed to be easy going with things. Whenever we were assigned homework, I would always take every chance that I can get to finish my homework first before everything. Everything that had to do with my learning in school was my first priority and I…

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