My Experience With My Family Essay

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One evening when I was about 11 years old, my parents came into the living room where I was watching television with my twin sister Chanell and they told us that they had something very important to talk to us about. Being so young I really did not think that it would be something too serious. My parents informed my sister and I that they would be separating and my dad was moving out and would no longer be living with us anymore. Instantly my world shattered, my dad is my best friend and my first immediate thought was I would not see him anymore. Arrangements were then made so that I would be able to see my dad every weekend. The first few weekends we tried to do various activities such as going to the beach and the park, but those things became boring. One Friday night he called and said that one of my cousins had a peewee football game Saturday morning and wondered if my sister and I wanted to go. Of course we did. After that we went to football games every Saturday morning. Soon thereafter, it was basketball season so we attended basketball games every Saturday. A few years later I became a freshman in high school and also became a cheerleader. My dad came to every football and basketball game on Friday nights that I cheered at for four years, so technically we could still watch the games together and that did not stop us from continuing to go to pee wee games on Saturday mornings. To this day we still go the sporting events often, whether it 's a pee wee game, high…

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