My Experience With My Family And Preschool Essay examples

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Have you ever seen a two year old break his or her arm? Well, my brother and my neighbors have. One day, while I was playing with my brother and my neighbors, I lost my balance close to the curb and fell off the sidewalk. For the next six to eight weeks, I walked around in a cast having learnt my lesson. I feel like this experience sort of represents my life in a way. Sometimes when you 're not careful, you fall down but when you get up, you develop some experience and wisdom. From childhood, to school life and to the present, what’s in store for the future is a complete mystery. During my childhood, I went through life as any other ordinary child would. Despite saying this, I did however experience some unique events through my early years, my family and preschool. A memory that I enjoy the most from my early years would be when I ran a race with my brother and my father at the age of three. Although it’s been awhile I still vaguely remember crossing the finish line and hearing the crowd cheer at my first ever race that I did with some of my family members. Family is an important part of my life as with anyone else’s life since you spend so much time with them. If I were to describe my family in one word I would use easygoing because whether it be a trip or just at home, we rarely get into each other’s hair and we manage to come up with jokes that no one but us would understand everywhere we go. Apart from my real family, there’s another family that you have to…

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