My Experience With My Dad Essay

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“Relax, Shelb. Close one eye and keep focused on your target. Good luck.” My father spoke from behind me one morning as I headed to the tree stand. I tried to do as he said, letting my muscles relax. One eye closed, just end the double vision I had from having the rifle’s sight so close to my gaze. Growing up, I have enjoyed hunting with my father. I have grown as an individual hunting with my father, and I have been a different person ever since.
I have been hunting with my dad ever since I was a little kid. When I first began deer hunting my dad taught me how to hold a gun and how not to point it at people. He also taught me how to aim, pull the trigger and when to put the safety on fire. I learned the basics of hunting from him. My dad is like an M&M, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. He could tell someone everything they needed to know about hunting itself. He taught me about the .22 rifle, the 12 and 20 gauge Remington shotguns, and a 45 glock pistol. During deer season, out in the woods was where I learned most of the basics because I was out in the field and was hands on with the stuff. I guess the saying daddy’s little girl does come into play even though I do not like being called that I always will be.
It was the last day of youth deer season back in October of 2014, where I shot my first buck. My dad, my brother and I went out before sunset to get settled in our places. My dad was driving so he was going to start at the end of the finger and drive…

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