My Experience With High School Essay

1154 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
From the very beginning of my years in school, I always excelled above the rest in my class. During my time in elementary school I was moved around on multiple occasions. I attended a wonderful specialty school in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota that challenged me and allowed me to show how good at learning I was. Right before my fourth grade year I moved to Buda, Texas. The new school I attended will never compare to how remarkable the last one was. Still, I proved how keen on learning I was. Absolutely nothing got in my way.
Middle school came and went with ease. The only major difference from my years in elementary school and junior high was the amount of homework. I had trouble with my Algebra 1 class at first but that quickly changed when I figured out my own ways to do the problems and still come up with the right answers. If I ever had a problem, I quickly solved it. Thus, I flew through those three years.
High school was the most interesting experience I have had so far. During the second semester of my freshman year, my dad unexpectedly passed away. I fell into a hole that only lasted from April 26 to right before school ended for the summer. I tried my hardest to put on a happy face, but a huge piece of me was missing. After that school year ended, over the summer, I decided I wanted to graduate early. That fall, I transferred to Live Oak Academy where I planned to graduate 1.5 years early. Everything was smooth sailing until my mom moved my sisters and I to Wichita,…

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