My Experience With Head Start Program Essay

1128 Words Mar 10th, 2016 5 Pages
I learned so many things while doing this interview. It was fun interviewing the people I did and learning things I didn’t know. Head Start is a great program for any child, it teaches many life skills. I’m glad we did this interview because it made me realize how important Head Start is for children. The first parent I interviewed was my neighbor back in George, Iowa. Her name is Carla Rokusek, she has three kids. A six year old girl, a 5 year old boy, and another 1 year old little boy. Her daughter was already in the Head Start program and her son is in it right now. I asked Carla why her kids where in the Head Start program? She told me it was because she wanted to her kids to start learning things early. Such as eating at the table with children, learning your manners, and learning how to share with others. A of these things they don’t like to do at home because they don’t like to listen to their parents. This program helps with that, and how to be a respectful child. It also gives them a schedule for the children every day. Before they were at school or Head Start they were just home with their mother Carla. They didn’t have a good schedule. The kids would sleep in till 11 in the afternoon and go to bed at 11 at night. So this helped them get into a good sleeping schedule. They would now go to bed around 9:30 p.m. and wake up around 7:30 a.m. I asked her why was the program selected and what criteria was important? She said it was the only good one in the area and…

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