My Experience With Group C Essay

824 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
My experience with Group C caused me to believe positive group experiences were possible. Brinda and Kristen are extremely kind and dedicated teammates who I will never forget. In our group, we practiced turn-talking and fantasy chaining, and we slightly struggled with agendas and decision making. I equally enjoyed working with Brinda and Kristen, but I appreciated them for different reasons. Kristen was a powerful asset to the team because she always asked questions and made sure clarity was present. She asked questions of fact, value, policy, and prediction. Kristen almost flawlessly utilized turn-talking. She would always be the one to ask for clarity, but she would always be extremely tactful about it. Because of her excellent questioning, the group had a more clear idea of what the main goals and tasks were, and we were able to be more productive and efficient. All of us had great ideas throughout this project, but Brinda and I had the most fun with it. The two of us would often use fantasy chaining. We would build off of each other’s ideas, and we energized each other. When we were coming up with skit ideas, Brinda suggested that we could use a meteorologist’s incorrect prediction as a basis. I continued with the idea by suggesting other characters that we could incorporate into the story. Brinda and I continued this banter, and when I wrote the script’s rough draft, I came up with another idea that would bring everything together into a beautiful circle. When we…

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