My Experience With Entrepreneurship By Dave Ramsey Essay

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Readings in entrepreneurship was very beneficial to my experience of my knowledge of entrepreneurship as a whole. Before this class I’ve had a limited experience with entrepreneurship. The very basics of entrepreneurship was all I was taught. This paper will describe to you what I have now learned through this experience with this class and how I will use what I learned to better myself in the future. The first book Dave Ramsey: Entreleadership probably taught me the most I have ever learned about entrepreneurship. I learned to live my dreams and chase my visions. Dave taught me that the difference between a dreamer and entrepreneur is that whether they can convert that dream into a goal. I remember him saying that you need to have great time management. You need to be focused for a long time not just for a short time. Having a goal and time to manage it will come with decisions that you will have to make. The smaller little decisions should be made quickly with the information you have. The bigger decisions will have to come with more time and thought before being made. Dave said that’s what great leaders do. Dave said to spend less than you earn. That you need to be making more money than you are spending. If you do this you will avoid debt and start accumulating more money than you previously had. I remember he said that this works very well for small business and thought to myself that I need to keep that in mind for my everyday life and how much money I will save by…

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