Essay My Experience With Diversity Or Lack Of Diversity

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One important characteristic as a learner that I have is that I love to talk to people, specifically people that are different than me, that can tell me a different story than what I have heard before. Although my demographic research does not necessarily show how I feel about the lack of diversity, it does show that there was a massive lack of diversity in my high school. Even though there was a lack of diversity, I still found myself interviewing four Korean students. These were possibly the only ones to have a drastically different story than me in my high school. The benefits of that interview have carried with me as shown by the MSLQ. I believe that my score in peer learning, which was almost double the average speaks to my love now to discuss things with others. It started with a school with a lack of diversity, changed through a set of interactions with some wonderful students with different stories than me, and can be seen now on my MSLQ results. I wonder, has my experience with diversity or lack of diversity has led to my decision to want to teach? Has an experience that has opened my mind up to diversity and shown me the beauty of it created or strengthened my longing to be a teacher? Does exposure to diversity in secondary school have a correlation to the career path a student chooses? I also see a pattern that reveals another truth about me as a learner, I am intrinsically motivated. The MSLQ makes it clear that I am motivated by intrinsic goals by giving me a…

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