My Experience With College Writing Essay

1741 Words Jan 16th, 2016 null Page
When i first entered this course i expected it to be as hard as a college class. What i did find out was that it was much more streamlined and functioned as a class on how to manage your time and deal with big projects. I was really efficient in writing and being creative in my papers but not so much when it came to research papers. We mostly wrote research papers in this class so instead of using my strength in creativity i mostly had to do research and be genuinely interested in the topic i chose. I was used to taking online english classes where i had a lot of time to complete assignments so i felt very independent. College writing was similar on how i felt that i had enough time to complete assignments but the deadlines felt more real. I felt that the online class didn 't prepare me for real life as much as college writing because of how loose it felt with the assignments all being online. My experience with time management was low just because of the fact that i don 't have a lot of responsibilities in my life yet and my free time is a majority of my time. Mix time management and work ethic, now i have to learn about the true responsibilities of managing my time and completing assignments at home. One of the first papers we wrote was the college essay and it was treated as if we were writing an essay to get into a certain college. We had a choice of topics to write about and i chose the topic of “A moment in your life that transitioned you from child to adult”. I…

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