My Experience With Being A Nursing Student Essay

1230 Words Apr 27th, 2016 5 Pages
With being a nursing student, taking a special education class was something that never crossed my mind. As I came to the realization that I needed an extra elective my roommate suggested I take intro to special education. It has ended up being one of my favorite classes thus far. From learning different learning disability’s that students can have to IEP’s to accepting what autism actually is, it gave me an understanding that there is more to special education then just knowing that someone is considered “special.” With taking this class I have learned more than I ever thought; however, I learned the most just by doing my five hours of observations of an actually special education class. The only past experience I have had with special needs children was in high school. I took a class that was called PEPI (Physical Education Pupil Instructor) which I worked with elementary students and also worked with the special needs class at my high school. I would work with them by teaching different activities in gym class and then at the end of the year we went to the Special Olympics. So when I went to Harris Road Middle School on April 18th I really did not know that to expect. I was not sure how many students where going to be in the class, how many teachers were going to be there to help, or even how the teachers actually taught the students. I expected there to be one small class with about ten students and about two or three teachers to help with them. I figured the students…

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