My Experience With Anxiety, And Depression Essay example

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Ambivalence For many clients a disruption within their life can occur when they feel pushes and pulls of compete ting feelings known as ambivalence or of two minds. Personally I can relate to how if the competing feelings are not addressed if cannot manage on own it can lead to a disruption of life. Personally I struggle with high anxiety, and depression. I have had moments within my life where my feelings feel mixed and require opposing responses which can become overwhelming. I found reading table 6.2 that listed common mixed feelings helped me to understand the mixed feelings, while the example exercise “I feel ______ about feeling (your recent strong emotions)” (pg.193) allowed me deeper understanding of those feelings which I will personally use as skills in my personal life to managing ambivalence.
Empathy is being able to understand ones emotional perspective and communicating that understanding. When I read about empathy I get very confused, and feel unsuccessful in my ability to meet and acquire the skills of being empathic. However despite myself doubt, I do believe I am an empathic person. I believe I have the ability and skill to sense meaning of which client is scarcely aware of or enter the private perceptual world of the client and become thoroughly at home in it as stated by Rogers (1980). Even thou I have empathic abilities I fear that I lack greatly in this area and will not be able to best serve clients.
Importance of Empathy My fear…

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