My Experience With An Instrument Or Practicing A Sport Essay

991 Words Dec 12th, 2015 4 Pages
The art of writing is a phenomenon similar to playing an instrument or practicing a sport. In all activities, no matter how much practice or experience someone has, there is always room for some type of improvement. Writing is no different because there is an endless cycle of error and correction involved. When something is corrected, there is always another error or mistake that pops up in a piece of writing. That mistake then needs tweaking, sometimes minor, and other times major. My journey with writing has followed a similar path over the course of the semester. In the first four unit papers, I would start composing ideas in my head. these included thoughts, questions, and in depth analysis of things pertaining to the topic at hand. For the first unit, I sat at my desk taking a virtual tour through all of my strongest memories in life that had to do with making a choice. I thought of bad choices I had unfortunately made, but the good choices did not pass my train of thought either. From there, I would take whatever thought I cared the most about, so I would have endless passion in what I was going to write about. Drafting was a meaningful part of each of the four units because it allowed me to get my ideas onto paper. After reading over the draft, it would inevitably lead to more ideas on how I could adjust my writing to make it better. Using my own thoughts and the thoughts of peers and yours truly, I would have enough insight on how to make my writing as strong as…

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