My Experience With An Esd Specialist Essay

777 Words Sep 16th, 2016 4 Pages
This experience this summer has been a trying and difficult one and has quite possibly solidified my future decision to not continue to work here. I was again paired with an ESD Specialist that did not have time to spend in the field and train me about vital aspects of the job. First, I continue to feel inadequate in my ability to identify any ecological site in the field. Secondly, I spent the majority of my time here proofreading ESD reports and copy/pasting information. Any time I attempted to do anything more than spellcheck and correct punctuation, I felt like my previous work experience and impute was meet with dissatisfaction, rudeness and disregard as a person. Example: When I thought I was leaving in August, I provided this specialist with a website that will search and correct spelling and grammar of a word document. He immediately asked if I had been using this site the whole time I was editing his reports. I felt very offended after reading and editing, 24 multi-page Ecological site reports for him in the past. I told him that I had not used this in the past and had only suggested it because I thought he would benefit from using it in the future.
Example 2: 8/12- My suggestions to edits on the Loamy Overflow R063AY020SD, was that the terminology ‘crown fire’ was used incorrectly and had sited the USFS website, Fire Effects Information System to the ESD Specialist as proof. His response was huffy and he stated that he had just used…

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