My Experience With A Video Game Developer Essay

1344 Words Nov 29th, 2016 6 Pages
Truthfully, working in academia just recently became a passion of mine. Originally, I went into my undergraduate career intending to work as a video game developer; however, as I spent more time in the field of computer science, I began questioning this career choice. Particularly, during my sophomore year, one course exposed me to the lifestyle of a video game developer. Ultimately, I realized I did not enjoy this lifestyle or work environment. As a result, I began questioning what I wanted to do in life. More importantly, I wanted to find a career I will enjoy for years to come. Concurrently, I started working as a classroom learning assistant (CLA) for undergraduate computer science courses, which provided me with a necessary exposure to working in academia. Primarily, I worked with students to help them understand programming assignments as well as in class material. Admittedly, I struggled to adapt to individual student needs at first. Of course, as I gained experience I likewise gained the necessary skills and confidence to effectively adapt to the needs of every individual. As semesters progressed, I took on additional positions as the CLA for some calculus courses. These positions for mathematics often required me to work with groups of students to address a global understanding of the material in contrast to the CS CLA position which typically required me to assist an individual with his/her project. While I found satisfaction in teaching, I knew I wanted to work…

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