My Experience To Becoming An Effective Leader And Management

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In my current position I am a manager of Supply chain planning with 11 direct reports. We have hired seven people this year alone so now I have really got to get the management and leadership skills dialed in. This will be critical the success of the team, company and myself. From a development perspective – I have had a mentor for the last year and he has helped me to realize I need to evaluate my priorities, take time for professional development, set some boundaries and deliver to what I commit to. He also made it clear that most leaders in our organization will not provide guidance and support for development, it is expected we do this on our own and know our limitations.
In order for me to be an more effective leader and manager; I need to improve on my personal time
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I would like to be able to accurately assess where we are as a team on a weekly basis, have the time to reflect and course correct as needed. One option to be successful with this weekly review is to implement ‘Daily Management system’ this type of system is designed to ensure that everyone is working on the right problems or activities at the right time. Toussaint, J. S. (2015). Be present for my team each day and really put the wind in their sails so intern, they can accomplish anything they set their minds too. My company is a difficult environment that does not really acknowledge work that is accomplished. I would like to change this as well through leadership by trying to put focus on the successes. Acknowledging what we are struggling with and define a path for the team that empowers them to apply different perspectives to the processes. “Leadership is all about people so it is important not to lose sight of the fact that, however big a team you are leading, every single individual is human, and therefore not infallible.” Morgan, L.

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