My Experience: The First Day Of My Dream

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The first day of class my only thought was "How on earth am I going to write this paper?" And I struggled with it. I spent hours upon hours mulling ideas and options over, both in my mind and on paper. I found that the harder I thought about it, the more difficult it became to write. So I stopped thinking. I let my mind wander, and wrote as the ideas popped into my mind. Admittedly, the ideas didn 't start coming until about three weeks before the due date, but when they started coming they didn 't stop. Coming into this class I only wanted an interesting class. I just wanted a class that I could take to finish my degree that wouldn 't bore me to death, and I figured, "A class about dreams has to be at least somewhat interesting, right?" So I signed up expecting nothing more than to learn a few facts, and get through my last semester at Lakeland. However, I quickly learned …show more content…
I 'm constantly battling with myself about what I actually want to do in my career; whether I 'm headed down the right path or not. There were a few things in the dream that could represent this confusion. One is that I was putting pop in the shake machine. Another is that it was very difficult to find what I needed when in my waking life I know the layout of our stock room without even going back there. The third is the obstacles I had to get through to get to where I needed to be. These could all be examples of confusion.
The third example I mentioned in the previous paragraph could also represent the obstacles I face in my everyday life. I suffer from anxiety, and more often than not it gets the better of me and prevents me from doing something that I otherwise would have loved to do. I also tend to have difficulty telling people no, and this often results in me doing something that I 'd rather not, or shouldn 't, be doing. These obstacles have caused a lot of stress in my waking

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