Essay on My Experience Raising A Virtual Child

1630 Words Nov 18th, 2016 7 Pages
In this paper, I will discuss my experience raising a virtual child. I will begin by explaining my initial ideas on how I hope to parent while also explaining how those ideas related to one of the major theories of development. Next, I will discuss the temperament of my child and connect those to a challenge I faced while raising her. Finally, I will touch on where my child stood developmentally at age 12 and whether or not I believe my child had a “good outcome” based on my parenting choices. I named the virtual child I was given to raise Charlotte. As I raised Charlotte, I began noticing that I had to parent her as if she was older than she was. Charlotte seemed to often outgrow her age bracket quickly. I found myself having to more than I expected as a parent. Prior to raising Charlotte, I believed that I would be able to easily enter back into the workforce. This was altered once I understood the options for childcare and how much more Charlotte would benefit from having a parent at home. This impacted my partner and I in terms of income, but it also made our relationship stronger. I Despite these physical parenting adjustments, I found that my ideas I had on parenting prior to having Charlotte remained the same throughout my experience raising her. I was proud of the development achievements Charlotte made and hope that some of them are related to the parenting choices I made. She consistently out preformed the standards in academic and social settings. She was always…

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