My Experience On My Life Essay examples

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There is always an experience in someone’s life that makes them look back or at least reflect about themselves. This event may be a joyous, melancholy, or even both. Either way, it has an impact on that person’s life, no matter what it is. My experience started on a cold, foggy, November night at half time during a soccer game in two thousand-seven and still has not ended to this day. I was just getting to my prime; it was exactly where I wanted to be. I was content with my skills. I cannot even remember doing anything to my knee. All I knew was that it hurt. During halftime I put my “just-in-case” knee brace on and continued to play. After the game, as well as that night, my knee felt sore, but nothing too bad. It hurt to straighten my leg completely, so I thought I just aggravated something. But after a few days, it did not go away. As a result, I went to the doctor and he said to wait and see but if it did not get better, I would have to go to a specialist. I finally went to the orthopedic doctor in January, by then, my injury had gotten worse. I could not straighten my leg completely without excruciating pain. I was sent for x-rays and an MRI, but both showed nothing. Thus, I was sent to physical therapy for two months and given a new knee brace. After those two months had passed, I developed a flexion contracture, which is when someone is not able to fully straighten their leg and there was no change in my pain. I was told to do physical therapy for two more months,…

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