Italy And Greece Research Paper

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Italy and Greece 2015
When travelling to another country you never really know what to expect. When I was traveling to Italy and Greece I learned that I get homesick easily and that I’m one to really live in the moment. Also with being in a different country with people I didn’t know that well, I learned that I need someone who’s responsible when it comes to being a roommate.
It was the morning of June 25th 2015, the day I left for my two-week trip to Italy and Greece I was all packed up and ready to leave home. It was about ten in the morning when my mom and I packed my suitcase and backpack into the car and I said goodbye to my siblings, Leila, whose four, Jake, whose three and Delaney and Brooklynn who are two and to my stepdad also and
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At last we can start our two weeks of awesome adventures! We met our tour guide Gregory, he was very nice and wanted to get started right away. We walked out into the fresh Italian air, boy was it hot! After taking in the Italian air we loaded the tour bus and did a little driving tour. The drivers in Italy are nuts, the bus driver parked the bus and we started on our first little walking tour just in the heart of Rome. We saw our first big monument the Pantheon in Piazza Novaro. Then we were off on our own for a while and had to be back by five o’clock to go back to the hotel and eat. While I wandered I had four friends I traveled with because you’re not supposed to be alone when you’re a young American. Jade, Sara, Blaike, Tommy and I decided we were going to sit on a stoop and eat our first cup of gelato and just enjoy the view because we were so exhausted from traveling for about twenty-four hours straight. We walked back to the meeting spot and took a long drive to the first hotel. I roomed with Jade, Sara and Blaike that night and the majority of the trip. When we arrived at the hotel we got our room assignments and we all had to walk up the stairs with our suit cases because they don’t have elevators in most hotels. The first dinner was the most classic Italian dinner, it was a three course meal that contained a salad with balsamic vinaigrette, lasagna and tiramisu. After dinner we all headed back to our rooms and went to …show more content…
We boarded the plane from Athens to Frankfurt just fine, we were scheduled to land at about four o’clock or so and we didn’t land until four twenty and that’s when our plane from Frankfurt to the United States was leaving! We still had to go through customs and of course since we were in such a rush they only had one customs person working and plus because of that issue we also lost someone mid customs. We couldn’t find him, we held the plane for at least an hour or so. We ended up finding him and boarding the plane to go back home! That flight sucked, I was in the middle of the middle of the plane and I couldn’t sleep. When we landed in O’Hare I was so happy I could cry tears of joy! I had so many gifts for everyone and missed my family more than words could explain. When we got to school after the bus ride home from O’Hare I ran off the bus, grabbed my suit case and ran to my mom I was so relieved to finally be back in America.
Something that can relate back to the real world for me is definitely my new sense of love for travelling. I would love to travel the world by myself or with a possible family. I don’t think I could travel with anyone but family again. Learning the qualities of people, I like to room with and be with all the time is definitely important. When I was in Italy and Greece it made me appreciate everything my family has done for me to be able

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