My Experience Of Learning On Hunting Essay

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My experience of learning how to hunting

Learning how to hunt has been a really big part of my life, Because know when I have the free time I spend it in the woods hunting. I was first introduced into hunting when I was about five years old. My grandpa came up to my house and asked if I want to go hunting with him. I ran and asked my mom and dad if i could go with grandpa for the weekend and go hunting. They said yes so I ran to my room and packed my clothes to spend the weekend. When I can back out to tell him that i was ready he asked where my camo and my orange was, being five years of age I did have the right stuff yet, he told me that we would figure something out when we got to his house. When we got to his house grandma had some chores for grandpa to do, so grandpa turn to me and said if you want to earn your hunting clothes then you have to help me out. This is where i learn my frist be lesson, and that was is I want something I have to put in a little work to get the thing that I need. So when we got done working he took my down to the sporting goods store and bought me camo cloths and and orange vest. I felt so proud to have earned my first set off cloths. The next morning we got up for hunting I was really excited to go, until we got out there and were sitting for a couple of hours and see nothing but squirrels. At five years old it was hard for me to sit still that long with see a deer. So final my grandpa said let go in and get some lunch, after lunch we…

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