My Experience Of High School Vs. College Life

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High school for me is very different then the college life that I have experienced so far. In high school there is so much judgement by the things you wear, who you talk to, and the things you do. But in college no one really cares there isn’t time to judge people it doesn’t matter to them. High school could be super brutal to some people because they don’t fit in they aren’t the typical student and others make sure that they know it. I feel that in college there is so many different types of people that everyone fits in there is a group or something for everyone to be a part of. Which makes college a lot easier to handle and live with because you can find people that have the same interest as you.
High school came really easy to me I didn’t
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I can be the super shy person that won’t speak to people or won’t answer a question even though I know the answer this happens when I don’t comfortable in the situation and when I don’t know anyone. I can also be the loud outgoing person that doesn’t care and will speak to any and every one when I feel comfortable and when I know people around me. I can be the person who is super smart for example I feel this when I’m in math because math comes super easy to me and when I can help someone understand it. Even I can switch to the person who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. Having so many different identities is bad because when people see the other sides they won’t understand me or who I …show more content…
Avid to most people was and is a waste of time but I honestly believe that it is an advantage to me because it kind of prepared in a way to deal with college. I don’t think that if I didn’t have avid I would be ready to be in college and I would be way over my head with the whole transition. They taught me how to take notes what to expect in a college course and the way that a classroom would be ran. It has given me the knowledge and strength to be ready for this crazy experience. Even though many don’t see the point in it helped me a lot and it has helped many others as well it wasn’t just a waste of time as others may think. Avid is a discourse, in avid i8 have learned more than just about reading and writing they taught me actual life values. As Gee says “…always involves more than writing and reading ways of talking, acting values and so forth.” on page 11 from Journal of

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