My Experience Of Computer

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I first got introduced to computers when I was quite young, I followed my dad to work and within a few minutes I had successfully crashed the PC, typical windows. Within a year we got a pc at home and within a day I crashed that one as well. I don’t know exactly what I did to it, but someone the operating system was couldn’t restore itself to a working state automatically and we had to call someone over to fix. So as you can probably guess I was banned from even touching the computer till further notice. Eventually I started learning about computers in school and I found them so fun to use. My dad then took an online course in the basic office applications and I completed them all long before him and so I actually started doing his PowerPoint slides for his presentations. So I found that I kind of had a knack for using them so I really began to focus on it. I worked super hard in my Computer Studies classes and did moderately well in them. As most regular kids, I always went straight for the games whenever I got the chance often wrecking the keyboards in the process. Then I decided I was going to be a video game …show more content…
My school was too lazy to give each student an account on the school servers so ever pc ran on a guest account which meant I couldn’t install any programs without an admin password. So I finally found a way to temporarily delete the system password using Konboot. Then I came across tools like Kali, hydra, Cain and Abel etc.
At this point I knew that this sort of programming is something I could actually enjoy doing and so I have been working towards perfecting my skill. I have two major goals for the future the first is to eventually end up as a systems security expert because I just really enjoy finding flaws in code. The second thing is to improve technology to enable disabled people use computer easily. I went to school with some blind students so I really saw how they struggled using the

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