My Experience Of Being Pregnant Essay

917 Words Nov 4th, 2016 4 Pages
My experience of being pregnant was mostly eventful. There were a lot of things people told me that they shouldn’t have. For instance, having constipation while being pregnant and getting hemorrhoids, that never occurred in my nine months. It was a waste of being fearful for nine months. There were also things that mothers should have told me. For instance, how it actually feels when your baby is moving or kicking. When my baby moved or kicked it was the weirdest feeling ever; it was not pleasant. Most Mothers call it a beautiful thing but don’t necessary describe how an active baby feels inside your belly. While being pregnant you get a lot of different experiences. No pregnancy is the same, I must say. Even though pregnancy can be very rewarding, the Nine Months of Pregnancy can be eventful and emotional. It can be a long dreadful experience, a wonderful experience, or it can be both dreadful and wonderful. First off, pregnancy can be a long dreadful experience. For instance, nine months of pregnancy is a long time to carry a baby. It felt like it took forever for my son to come out. I was so impatient to see him; I was ready to see what and who he was going to look like. In another instance, I had morning sickness in the beginning of my pregnancy, for the first two months. Unlike most mothers, I didn’t do a lot of throwing up. I constantly felt bad. I had to switch between prenatal vitamins pills and the prenatal vitamin gummies. The iron that was in the prenatal…

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