My Experience Of Becoming A Manager In Hotel Management

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Becoming a Manager

In 2002, I started to study Hotel Management. I always liked what I was studying and saw myself in the hotel industry for the rest of my life. In this particular occasion, I would like to talk about my experience as a leader. When I was eighteen years old and I was starting up my career, I always wanted to become a manager, I thought I will have power and have great benefits, but never thought about the things that I needed to do to achieve that goal, or how hard it can be sometimes to be in a managerial role. A managerial job in the hotel industry could be stressful, you might work long hours and get paid a salary which means that a work day could be a twelve hour shift, six or seven days a week when we are busy
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I had wonderful team members that made me feel like I am part of their families, they would share their stories with me, laugh and help each other not just at work, but outside of it as well while maintaining the respect for one another. It is important to find a balance and show how much you care for your team. Being considerate, fair, inspiriting, serious and fun at the same time could be a very difficult challenge; however, I can say that seven years of leadership experience have taught me a lot and has made the person I am …show more content…
I did a final written documentation and created an action plan for the supervisor, she was not terminated right away as the Human Resources Manager suggested to give her another opportunity prior to termination as she apologized to the aggrieved and according to the company’s termination guidelines, she needed to get a final written warning before termination. The supervisor remained under my supervisor and I was closely monitoring her behavior. Rosa is still working for the company that I used to work, she always calls me to say hello and from that day and on, she always cared for me and made me feel like she was my mother, who asked me if I had lunch, if I rested enough. She will make a very delicious homemade soup and bring it to work for me as a show of affection and appreciation, she always offered me to help me in any way she

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