Personal Narrative: My First Day At Lithonia High School

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Monday seem to come fast, and I was heading back to Lithonia High School. Although I was not happy about everything that occurred during the weekend, I was happy to go back to school and hook back up with my friends. Therefore, on Monday morning when my alarm went off I got up and searched eagerly through the limited clothes in my part of the tube and found something cute to wear for my first day. Then I put my hair in a ponytail and got in the car with my brother to head to school. As we zoomed down the road trying not to be late, we road quietly as the music played in the background. Things did not seem so horrible now that we were on the way to school. When we got into the parking lot, my brother flew into a parking space and we hopped out the car and quickly closed the door. …show more content…
The secretary escorted us to class and introduced us to our teachers like we had not been there before. As I walked in the room, I notice that all eyes were on me but none of friends spoke or even looked excited to see me. I started to feel like no one missed me or even noticed that I was gone. The teacher told me to take a seat so I sat by my friend Alicia. “Hi Alicia,” I said thrilled to see her. “Hey Jazz,” she said back, but with less excitement. “Alright, everyone let’s refocus and finish discussing how to write this essay,” said Mrs. Thompson. As I listen to the teacher lecture, I begin to wonder if I had made the worst mistake of my life by moving back home. Why didn’t Alicia care I was back? Did she feel like me moving away was my fault? After thirty minutes had passed, the bell rung and we were dismissed to our next class. Once class was dismissed, I tried to quickly pack up and keep up with Alicia, but she was already out of the

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