My Experience: My First Day Changed My Life

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If my life was a painting it would be very colorful, vibrant, and full of life. I grew up in a city where I was just like everyone else yet I still stood out. When I entered high school my life took a turn for the better, I started to become involved with clubs, sports, and getting to know more people. My sister inspired me to join volleyball and basketball because when I was growing up I always went to her games and also my dad always compared me to her because I played soccer and did boxing at my local gym. I joined basketball and I didnt take it that serious because at that time I didn’t think I would fall in love with the sport and I was also healing from an injury. By the time sophomore year came around I had joined volleyball, track, and …show more content…
I would stay out late at night with friends and not listen to my mom, and I also started to separate from my old friends and teammates. Over time I started to ditch school again and then thats is when I finally decided to switch to Field of Dreams. I made the switch and started right away which I wasn't happy about. My first day changed my attitude because I made a lot of new friends and decided to make the best of my time here. After the semester ended I had a meeting with my old counselor from John Glenn and she told me I was on track and I could return as long as I took some adult school classes which I agreed to. I was back playing with my Volleyball team and I was doing way better working at Knotts Berry farm and practicing everyday. By the time summer was over I found out I was gonna be team captain but I also found out I wouldn't be able to return to Glenn because it was a mix up so I couldn't play and I basically wasted my whole summer. The first day of school they gave me hope and told me I could talk to the principal and John Glenn and Norwalk high school so I could convince them to let me return to play

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