Nursing Application Essay

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I have been dedicated towards my studies since childhood thanks to the teachings my father has instilled in me. My career in the nursing field has been guided by two principles: (1) improving access to quality health care services for undeserved populations such as the poor, homeless, and orphans and, (2) teaching and delivering culturally competent and compassionate care. My educational background and volunteer experience has broadened my knowledge and has increased my depth of understanding of different cultural backgrounds and upbringings.

During my first few years in college, I volunteered with the Fremont Homeless shelter where I was able to witness the difficulties that many adults and young children had such as not being able to have a place to stay or eat and having to relying on the shelter for these resources. I was also able to observe the mechanics of the organizational and
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During this period, I was able to observe the real world of healthcare and was able to communicate directly with patients. I was able to provide comfort to patients and even though I was limited to how much I can do, simply listening to someone and being there for them made a huge impact on the patient. Knowing that I was able to lift someone’s spirit and even calm them down while in the ER was am emotional and uplifting experience for me.

One of the most memorable volunteer experiences that I had was when I did a 9-day medical brigade trip to Nicaragua with Global Brigades. This trip truly ignited the fire inside me and made me realize my true passion for nursing. This trip made me realize that I have the qualities and the capabilities to provide nursing care to people in need of medical attention despite there being cultural and language barriers. This incredible trip inspired me to pursue my career in nursing and to continue volunteering with non-profit organizations throughout my

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