My Experience In Nursing

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Nursing as defined by Leininger, M.M. (1979) is a learned humanistic and scientific profession and discipline which focuses on human care and activities in order to assist, support, facilitate, or enable individuals or groups to maintain or regain their well-being in culturally meaningful and beneficial ways, or to help people face handicaps or death.
When I was young what I enjoy most is talking, explaining to my 3 younger sisters how things work, baby sitting them and giving handmade cards to all my uncles and aunties during special occasions such as Christmas, New Years and birthdays. That is to say, I grew up as compassionate, caring and selfless person. Thus, nursing has opened my eyes and made realize that this profession will enable me to express myself naturally since it involves caring with patients. In addition, my family who are already in the medical field has inspired me to do the same.
During my nursing studies in the Philippines, the nursing school, instructors and
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When I was in the Philippines I worked in a public tertiary hospital. I was assigned at Neonatal ICU, Paediatric ICU and Out Patient Department of Internal Medicine. Knowing that it is a public hospital most of the patients comes from families with below average income, less fortunate or indigent individuals. Certainly, it was an experience in my life that I will never forget. Seeing less fortunate patients having no money, not even a cent, seeing people die in front of me, crying families who cannot accept death of a loved one, aggressive patients and family members complaining of the public health system has contributed a lot on my life realizations. My experience of this leads me to believe that I am very blessed with everything that I have and wish to do things that could help change the situation or at least ease the pain or difficulties patients’ experience in public

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