My Experience In My Life

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There are many experiences in our lives which leave us amazing memories. With the pass of time, these memories will become in many occasions anecdotes, and which will be told from generation to generation. Life is full of unique moments; that can only be experienced once in life. Our busy lives they just pass by, and never come back. To learn how not to miss such moments we need to become practical and make decisions very quickly, we need to be open minded and be ready to improvise as the event occurs. This is how a few days ago I lived an experience that aside from being unforgettable, was shocking because I had never experienced anything like this before in my life.
My days at my workplace are somewhat enjoyable, being a part time job allows
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The total solar eclipse will take place the twenty-first of August and the last place to experience the eclipse in its totality would be Isle of Palms an island located twenty minutes north of Charleston South Carolina. Our next step was to ensure that after four plus hours of driving and a day of sun and heat at the beach we would have a place to stay near the island to rest and know more about the area. I remembered few websites that offer discounts on hotel rates and I looked at the affordable ones but almost all of them were sold out or very expensive, finally I was able to book a room not that far from the epicenter of the eclipse and from that moment on I knew that I was actually going to an event that I won’t be able to see again in my life …show more content…
We decided to take food to the trip with us, having fruits and vegetables for the trip will help us avoid expensive restaurants and waste of time looking for a place to eat, we also took drinks and snacks to eat along the way and a cooler to keep the food cold and ready for the beach.
We started our trip very early the day of the eclipse and with lots of excitement we took the road, surprisingly the roads were empty and we did not experience any delays. The day was cloudy and some of the hopes I had to see the event clear were getting lower but just the idea to travel to an unknown place was exciting enough to keep me happy.
We got to the beach and my dog Canela jumped out of the car ready to play and wander around the sandy roads and thorny bushes, after we passed the dunes we saw a huge beach with many people waiting for the same exact celestial show we traveled for, the sand was hard and the water warm, the clouds helped the air to stay tolerable and the moment

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